GARMS&GiGS. Playlist #008

Friday 28th July – Friday 11th August 2017


  1. Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
  2. Tyler, The Creator – Boredom
  3. Baby Strange – Pleasure City
  4. Foster The People – Sit Next To Me
  5. Weird Milk – You
  6. Bad Sounds – Meat On My Bones
  7. Bad Nerves – Bad Kid
  8. Airways – White Noise Boys
  9. Colouring – The Wave
  10. Declan McKenna – Why Do You Feel So Down
  11. Riscas – Talk Your Mind
  12. M I S F I R E S – Do You Wanna?
  13. BadBadNotGood – In Your Eyes
  14. Yassassin- Cherry Pie
  15. Stereophonics – All In One Night

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Now updated for a #009, check it out.


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