Friday 30th June 2017

Venue: Alexandra Palace, London

Nearest Tube Station: Wood Green (Piccadilly Line)

The time has come to bid farewell to the indie sweethearts that are The Maccabees. Forming in London 13 years ago they’ve had a career that has curated four albums, built a massive following from all over the world and firmly proven themselves as a headline act. I first saw them at a small venue in Brighton called The Gloucester (formerly The Barfly), free entry and all of 20 people in there. They had catchy songs and seemed innocent enough, I received a free CD afterwards which had two tracks on it, one was X-Ray and the other was Bicycles. Little did I know I’d be attending them at a 10’000 capacity venue on their farewell tour and their second night of three shows there.

It was everything they deserved and the fans were all out in high spirits for what would end up being a 22 song setlist. It had songs from all four albums starting with ‘Wall of Arms’ which was off the 2009 album of the same name. Moving onto ‘Feel to Follow’ from 2012 album ‘Given to the Wild’ which was a rapturous build up of vocals and energy into a culminating solo and a huge reaction from the crowd. ‘Kamakura’ was track three from the fourth and last album ‘Marks to Prove It’ which was released in 2015. We didn’t get a taste of the debut album ‘Colour It In’ until their seventh song ‘Precious Time’ which was widely received obviously. Raucously yet calmly striding through a greatest hits setlist we came to song 18 ‘Something Like Happiness’ where friends of the band were asked onstage including support band and longtime friends The Mystery Jets came out to help along with Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons.

An encore which included ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ and ‘First Love’ arguably the boys two biggest hits was finished up with ‘Pelican’ and a big release of confetti onto the fans below. To sum it up, the perfect end to a wonderful career and band. Thank you for the memories.


1. Wall of Arms

2. Feel to Follow

3. Kamakura

4. William Powers

5. Young Lions

6. Love You Better

7. Precious Time

8. Can You Give It

9. Spit It Out

10. Silence

11. WW1 Portraits

12. Latchmere

13. Lego

14. X-Ray

15. No Kind Words

16. Forever I’ve Known

17. Grew Up At Midnight

18. Something Like Happiness (With Mystery Jets & Marcus Mumford)


19. Marks To Prove It

20. First Love

21. Toothpaste Kisses

22. Pelican


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