Exclusive Interview: TIGERCUB #003

I was lucky enough to sit down with Jamie from Tigercub before the bands biggest headline show to date in London at Dingwalls, Camden.

G&G: Can you give us a brief intro to the band, Jamie?

J: We’re a band that’s been around for a long time, we properly started with the current line up in 2012 and we’ve just been grafting our arses off since then doing it the long way you know not the glamorous way but it’s still working for us. We’re predominantly a rock band but we’re constantly developing so what we are today may not be what we are next year but that’s how I’d like to see it anyway.

G&G: You formed in Brighton right?

J: Yeah we formed in Brighton but we’re all from different parts of the UK. I’m from Sunderland, James is from Canterbury and Jimmy’s from Reading.

G&G: What are you wearing right now?

J: I’m wearing Docs, red socks cause my trousers don’t fit so you’ve just got to own it. Trousers from Primark, top from Peacocks, black on black keep it simple, medieval haircut, lanky dude! Simple colours.

G&G: What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

J: This blue jumper, I buy clothes from charity shops. I buy form Peacocks sometimes as it’s cheap and I wear this blue sweater in all our press shots. It’s my go to, it’s big, baggy, comfortable, blue it’s fucking wicked. I’m pretty simple when it comes to the garms side. Straight and narrow.

G&G: What’s the next release for you boys?

J: We’re gonna release an EP in September, going down a more industrial route and it’s a four track EP. Coming out in a couple of months and then we’re going to look into the next album after that.

G&G: Something you can tell your fans that no ones knows about the band?

J: We’re not actually all called James.

G&G: Anything on tour that you do that’s a bit weird?

J: Hmm everyone thinks we’re all called James! I think that’s all, it’s Jamie, James and Jimmy. That’s all I can think of right now.

G&G: Any bands that you rate at the moment?

J: I’d like to see ‘Yonaka’ do well and a Belgian band called ‘Racket Cannon’ and I think everyone needs to listen to that band. Their sick. We did a some shows with Royal Blood there, went to Bruges and had the best time.

G&G: You’ve been touring Europe a lot, any preferential cities?

J: We don’t have any preferential cities based on like how good the fans are, all our fans are fucking class and we love them. We’re more popular in certain areas, so we enjoy going to those areas. So Cologne is a big city for us we’ll sell a lot of tickets there, we love Berlin and Munich. Germany’s big for us and Paris too, everywhere’s great!

G&G: You played Italy too right?

J: Italy’s good, there’s work to be done there. We played a rock n roll bar in Italy, we also did a massive show there in Capri in a place called Fabrique to 2500 people, all teenage girls screaming. It was great!

G&G: Thanks for your time Jamie.

J: Cheers.


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