Album of the Month: May 2017 #003

Harry Styles – Self Titled
Released 12th May 2017

Duration: 40mins

Whether or not you think it’s a marketing  ploy or a genuine attempt to do it solo this record deserves respect and recognition of its quality.

From the opening eerie and surprising track ‘Meet Me in the Hallway’ followed on by the not so surprisingly debut single ‘Sign of the Times’ which draws influences from Bowie and The Beatles dare I say it. (The media did so I can too). It’s a wonderful opening to an album which intrigued me and excited me.

Track three of any debut album is for me the cornerstone to the path of how it will pan out for the rest of the record. So ‘Carolina’ was perfect, drawing on hints of The Beatles Rubber Soul album it’s setting quite the bar.

I won’t review each track but I will say it’s pretty flawless in the sense of having an all round great pop rock record. I have to bring attention track six and seven, back to back belters, proper foot stomping songs that will bolster your confidence from just hearing them. As he bellows ‘She’s an Angel…’ it gave me goosebumps on first listen and stayed my standout track.

Towards the end there’s a definite New York theme running through the lyrics and hitting home on ‘Ever Since New York’ which is essentially a slow acoustic love song with elegant drums and a heart warming chorus showing the strength of young Styles vocals.

Finishing with a great bassy acoustic track called ‘From the Dining Table’ with a lovely string section bringing in the chorus. I can safely say I’m a fan, yes I’m a fan of Harry Styles and his fantastic debut album.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Only Angel’ & ‘Kiwi’.

LIVE: Full UK, Europe & Australia tour commencing from March. See below for dates.


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