Album of the Month: April 2017 #002

Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud (Deluxe)
Released 28th April 2017

Duration: 2hrs 8mins

Leicester’s rock royalty released their sixth studio album having kept fans waiting for three years since album ’48:13′ was released in 2014. Well well well, was the wait worth it? Of course it was, once again they keep the consistency of quality throughout all releases to such a high level. The added bonus of the Deluxe version of this album is having their homecoming gig at The King Power Stadium home of their beloved Leicester City Football Club live on the second half of the record.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Twentyfourseven’ & ‘Bless This Acid House’.

Favourite LIVE Tracks: ‘Fast Fuse’ & ‘L.S.F.’.

LIVE: Festivals around Europe including ‘InMusic Festival’ in Zagreb, Croatia on June 21st and ‘Trnsmt Festival’ in Glasgow, UK on July 8th.


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