Exclusive Interview: CASSIA #002

With their spring tour in full flow and quite the buzz surronding them I managed to sit down with the Macclesfield trio Rob (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Lou (Bass, Vocals) and Leff (Drums, Vocals) before their headline show at Camden Assembly, London.

G&G: Ok so give us a brief intro the band boys.

Rob: We are Cassia from Macclesfield. All went to the same school.

Lou: Except Leff actually.

Rob: So me and Lou went to a local school and we were involved in music.

Lou: Started doing a little thing together. We met Leff in Wetherpoons and asked if he knew any drummers.

Leff: Absolutely smashed! I have to keep reminding them about it, I was sober but they were smashed and I don’t think these guys genuinely know. Do you remember that?

Lou: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, I can’t remember much but I remember us asking about a drummer.

G&G: How long have you been together now?

Rob: Year and a half two years.

Leff: Probably more like two years, pushing two and a bit.

(The Strokes come on in the pub)

G&G: This is what reminded me of ‘Weekender’!

Rob: Yeah love this tune, I was about to say bit of The Stokes.

G&G: Give me a brief description of what you’re all wearing.

Leff: Currently? These are from Topman (Jeans) which I’ve put some patches on and Converse sneakers that are limited edition actually. Serge De Nimes vest which is Proudlock from Made In Chelsea’s brand and I’ve got a Kooples jacket on, I’m doing pretty well tonight!

Rob: Jeans, shirt, jacket all River Island. I like the sales and my Fred Perry shoes on with Nike socks. Spicy, keeping it real.

Leff: Spicy.

Lou: Standard Vans, Primark jeans, Ralph Lauren t-shirt, Regatta outdoor sports jacket.

G&G: Do you have one favourite item of clothing in you wardrobe?

Leff: You can’t take just flip flops can ya? I’ve been rocking socks and flip flops recently as it’s been really sunny in Manchester. Err come back to me on this.

Rob: I don’t own any onesies but I have an All Saints shirt and it’s my favourite so I’ll go for that.

Lou: I have a blue jumper, plain blue and I always wear it. It’s my go to jumper and I had one which I grew out of so I bought another one. I wear it for sports, music and everything. I think it was from Matalan.

G&G: That’s all fashion wise. What’s going to be your next release for the band?

Rob: We’ve got an EP in the works, just finishing it off and it’ll be coming out very soon.

Leff: No official release date yet but I’d probably say in the summer sometime.

G&G: Any festivals lined up:

Rob: Great Escape in Brighton which should be good, found out we’re playing in a vintage clothes shop on a balcony.

G&G: Beyond Retro?

Rob: Yeah that’s the one.

G&G: Anymore?

Leff: Birmingham the day before, then Gorilla in Manchester.

Rob: Got a lot of driving that week Lou.

Lou: Ah fuck. I don’t mind it though.

Leff: Dot to Dot.

Rob: Leicester, One Ten Above. Tramlines in Sheffield.

G&G: Any Macclesfield home town shows in the pipeline?

Leff: Gonna sort a big one in the summer, awesome beer garden vibe with a BBQ.

Rob: That’s our sort of vibe that.

Leff: Turning on the christmas lights in Macclesfield! That’ll be cool.

G&G: Tell us something your fans wouldn’t know about the band?

Leff: All about being happy, spreading good vibes. Oh I don’t wear shoes when i drum and I drive barefoot. That’s probably the weirdest I get.

Rob: I like ironing my shirts a lot, thats my thing. If my shirts not ironed it bugs me. I used to not give a shit but now it has to be pristine.

Leff: We have Mango backstage, tinned. That’s on our rider, delicious.

Rob: Green Tea.

Leff: We don’t drink before we go onstage. Tinned Peaches.

Rob: That means that everyone drinks our beers unfortunately so we have to stash some away.

Leff: People don’t really like Green Tea or they wonder why the fuck theres Peaches. I don’t think we’d be able to play if we got pissed before.

Rob: Did it before, awful.

Lou: We played our friends 21st the other weekend and we all had a few beers didn’t we.

Rob; Couldn’t play.

Leff: I think it’s a bit of an art to play when you’re pissed.

G&G: Any bands that you’re excited about at the moment?

Rob: Larkins, they’re on tonight. Manchester band.

Leff: Lot’s of ‘Get Inuit’ today.

Rob: Yeah! They’re so sick, love their songwriting

G&G: Cool, that’s all so thanks for your time boys.


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