Exclusive Interview: BAD FAMILY #001

Having also played a headline show in Southampton at the beginning of the year for promoters ‘Psychedelia South’, what and where is next for this band?

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with James Baker (Bass) and Joseph Hargreaves (Lead Guitar) before their gig at The Finsbury to find out.

G&G: Boys, give us a brief intro to the band.
JH: We all met in Brighton through friends of friends, I lived with Dane (Lead singer/guitarist). Dane studied with Tom (Keys) and knew Simon (Drummer), we met you (James) through ‘Cannibal Hymns’ Tim and it was kind of like a melting pot of ideas really hanging out together and most of us had bar jobs well me and Simon did and it’s kind of a social start off for us.

G&G: What are you both wearing tonight?
JB: I’m wearing an eighties Adidas superstar tracksuit top with some chinos that have recently been ripped around the crotch, some Clarks original shoes £85 not a problem down from £98 student discount and some Topman socks.
JH: I’m wearing some old scaggy black jeans, black work boots, a t-shirt I picked up in a charity shop and an 8 year old jacket.

G&G: Favourite item of clothing you own?
JB: Mine’s got to be my Junior Gunners Arsenal scarf.
JH: Mine’s a brown flannel shirt I’m gonna wear tonight, still love that shirt it’s fucking great.

G&G: Does your outfit change from what you’d normally wear in your spare time?
JH: I’m pretty consistent.
JB: I think everyone’s pretty consistent you might kind of have a conscious thought about what you’re gonna wear but I don’t think anyones wealthy enough to have a vast range of clothing.

G&G: When can we expect the next release for the band?
JB: Haven’t got a confirmed date but next the next few of months I would’ve thought, pre summer.
G&G: Will that be a single or another EP?
JB: Another EP.
JH: EP number 2.

G&G: Can we expect another Brighton headline show or a London headline gig soon?
JB: I’d imagine there would be both of those around the time of the release, so in the next 4 or 5 months I’d say
JH: I’d say maybe less than that, maybe 2 or 3 months.
JB: Yeah probably.
JH: It’d be good to get it out before the summer.

G&G: Tell us something no one knows about the band?
JH: We hate each other.
JB: We all do it because we get paid by ‘Syco’ which is Simon Cowell’s label, see ya later.

Listen to ‘Bad Family – EP1’ on Spotify now.

Find track ‘I’m a Drunk’ on GARMS&GiGS. current playlist also on Spotify.


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